SPS - Deep Hand.

The two versions of the wellknown game, paper rock scissors, represent two different kinds of interactivity.

Deep Hand, uses the metaphors we are used to in the digital space. For example, as with a 'desktop environment', something happens when one clicks something. In Deep Hand, when youīve chosen (the icon of the) rock, paper or scissors, your opponent, the machine, makes itīs choice. The user is well protected behind her notion of imagined control.

SPS is a game that breaks our conception of what a computer is and how we are supposed to interact with it. By cutting the wires that we instruct the machine through (mouse, joystick etc), SPS deals with an interactivity suggesting that the machine is an opponent with the same prerequisites as that of a human being. In the meeting between the user and SPS, the user soon discovers the new pal forces her to hand over the control. SPS is a virtual pal that will integrate the player into itīs electronic course of events where it defines the rules; it makes the countdown and it will never tire.

My goal with the SPS project, apart from having fun, is to illustrate the principles of interaction between man and machine. Independent of context these principles constantly manipulate the disposition of activity; reinforcing the hegemony's control and power.

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