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New American Dictionary

Friday, April 13th, 2007

bekant lade i januari högsta bud (7.16$) på ebay för rätten att definiera “Axis of Evil” för “The New American Dictionary – Interactive Security/Fear Edition” utgiven av ” the Institute for Infinitely Small Things”. Tillsammans med författaren Niklas Qvarnström tog vi oss an uppgiften med största allvar och avundsvärd nit. Boken finns nu tillgänglig:

The New American Dictionary
A new book by the Institute for Infinitely Small Things
Are we more 􀀁ready􀀂? Or are we just more scared?
BOOK LAUNCH PARTY: Thursday, April 26th, 6:30PM – 8:30PM
At Art Interactive, 130 Bishop Allen Dr. Cambridge MA 02139
Cambridge, MA: April 6, 2007 – Have you noticed how new words have entered our
language since September 11th? Now we have a new vocabulary that includes:
• Freedom Fries
• Islamofascist
• Friendly Fire
• Smart Bomb
• Surge
• Regime Change
• And 62 more…
The New American Dictionary: Interactive
Fear/Security Edition is a new book by the Boston
performance group, the Institute for Infinitely Small
The dictionary, a paperback which retails for
$19.95 on and at the Harvard Book
Store, catalogs 67 fear and security terms that are
either new – i.e. preparedness – or recently
redefined – i.e. torture.
The New American Dictionary is a humorous, provocative book that calls for readers
to pay attention to the ways in which terminology of fear, security and war have
permeated American English post-9/11. Emphasizing the open, slippery way that

mind your step

Wednesday, April 19th, 2006

instant vacation

Sunday, December 19th, 2004

Instant Vacation consists of two computers with one webcam, microphone and set of speakers each, a screen, or projector, and a projector in Malmö.
In Malmö the setup will be placed in one of the gallerys windows facing the street. As people approach the installation they will be registered by the webcam and microphone. The image and sound will be transmitted to the computer in South Africa where the webcam are facing the screen – transmitting the mirroring image back. Both sound and image are delayed according to the distance giving a weird sensation as it returns; almost as if a part of you are somewhere else – sendig greetings.

the Grotesque

Tuesday, October 19th, 2004

100(11) instruction works, 7a*11d International Performance Art Festival, Toronto, October 20 – October 31, 2004.
100(11) Instruction Works —-

Tonight iKatun kicks off 7a*11d’s 5th International Performance Art Festival
with the performance of the first of eleven instruction works. This
performance will take place at 7PM at the opening reception for the festival
at 401 Richmond St., Toronto, Canada.

Each day of the festival, iKatun will be performing one instruction work
somewhere in Toronto from those submitted to the project website:

Tonight, iKatun will infiltrate the opening reception for the festival with
the below instruction:

DAY #1: INSTRUCTION #42 — “the Grotesque”

A person [or a few persons] enters – a stage or something – and stops. Then
slowly starts taking off the shirt, slowly turning it inside out and then
putting it back on again. This goes on until all garments are turned inside
out. When finished the performer exits. If performed by more than one the
performance can be organized so that the performers are taking off and
turning different clothes inside out at the same time (somone takes of shirt
as someone takes of trousers as someone etc).

Submitted by Robert Ek [ ], Sweden, 2004-09-29 12:27:43



Video will be posted each day

Photos and log will be posted each day

Meet any day for the next 10 days at 9AM at the coffee shop at 401 Richmond
St, Toronto, Canada. Each performance first involves a walk to an
undetermined destination – wear good shoes.


kanarinka, iKatun och besökare.


Wednesday, November 19th, 2003

Foto: L. J.
Robert Ek
Beskrivning: Lösviktskonst. Målningar styckas enligt önskemål – vägs och packas som pålägget på Hemköp.

Konstbazaar på Hemanska gården vintern 2003. Ett arrangemang av Jenny Grönvall, Charlotte Eliasson och Robert Ek.

Konstbazar 29-30/11-2003

Wednesday, November 19th, 2003

Konstbazar ordnades av cockpit – snäll konst (Jenny Grönvall, Charlotte Eliasson och Robert Ek). Tanken var att erbjuda ett rum för konstnärer att sälja av gammal konst.


Monday, July 7th, 2003


Robert Ek och Maria Lavman Vetö
Foto: Patrick Dadi-Bohoum, Maria Lavman Vetö
Regi, klipp, foto, musik: Mikael Wallin
Manus & idé, Robert Ek

tinsel – o – matic

Thursday, June 19th, 2003

This is a modest project, but for some people at PDC, could be a paradigm-shifting one.
-Leah Lievrouw, Professor, Department of Information Studies, UCLA

Robert Ek

Charlotte Eliasson
Isabel Rayo
Morgan Schagerberg
Helena Ondrus

Interactive Institute, Space & Virtuality Studio
Malmö University

The tinsel-o-matic project was originated within the parameters of a Master Thesis project, titled “Design Hermeneutics,” a Gadamer inspired research, which explored the phenomenological, and experiential qualities attached to objects. The purpose of Design Hermeneutics was to produce an interactive artifact whose criteria for production were structured as a direct representation of information gathered in my fieldwork, namely the artifact produced was to mediate or give form to my understanding of the relations to objects and qualities within objects brought forth by the interviews. I wanted to design what I now call an “Artifact of Understanding”


:::Deep Hand:::

Wednesday, February 19th, 2003

Deep Hand är en variant på sps. Välj sten sax eller påse med musen varefter spelet gör sitt val. Ett bra sätt att slå ihjäl tiden på. Utveckling Robert Ek och Emil Bengtsson.

sps – en virtuell kompis

Wednesday, February 19th, 2003

sps är ett spel mellan skärm och hand. En enkel men svårslagen AI.