tinsel – o – matic

This is a modest project, but for some people at PDC, could be a paradigm-shifting one.
-Leah Lievrouw, Professor, Department of Information Studies, UCLA

Robert Ek

Charlotte Eliasson
Isabel Rayo
Morgan Schagerberg
Helena Ondrus

Interactive Institute, Space & Virtuality Studio
Malmö University

The tinsel-o-matic project was originated within the parameters of a Master Thesis project, titled “Design Hermeneutics,” a Gadamer inspired research, which explored the phenomenological, and experiential qualities attached to objects. The purpose of Design Hermeneutics was to produce an interactive artifact whose criteria for production were structured as a direct representation of information gathered in my fieldwork, namely the artifact produced was to mediate or give form to my understanding of the relations to objects and qualities within objects brought forth by the interviews. I wanted to design what I now call an “Artifact of Understanding”