Digital Cuture Workshop at Cumulus Kalmar

Digital Culture workshop Dyestad -cumulus Kalmar

Digital Culture Dyestad

Workshop leader: Robert Ek

6 and 7 June
08.30 Bus from Kalmar Theatre to Dyestad on Öland
09.00-15.00 Workshop, coffee break and lunch included
15.00 Bus back to Kalmar Theatre.
Adress: Dyestad, Bygata 7, Färjestaden

Digital Culture can be regarded as a praxis of communicative interactions between people on line. We do what we always have done, sharing knowledge, bending reality, but the speed has increased and distances have shortened.

From digital culture may emerge a digital tradition of knowledge gathering, production and collaboration as a mindset practised locally off line and reaching globally on line. Such a contiguous interplay between online interactions and offline practice can be found in different movements such as Occupy, the DIY movement etc., which have emerged on a broad scale in a short time. In this workshop we will participate with Kultivator, a collaborative artist collective working with farming in a local and a global context.

Together we will identify areas of interest for designers, artists, architects, programmers and interaction designers, and we will work collaboratively hands on with problems of knowledge sharing and knitting distant areas together.

The workshop will take place on the Kultivator farm in Dyestad in rural Öland, an island close to Kalmar. Bring rough clothes!

Robert Ek is an interaction designer with a multidisciplinary background in history, media sociology and art.

Participants: Takayuki Higuchi,Frederic Degouzan, Brenda Duggan, Frida Dahlgren, Maria Luisa Galbiati, Junfeng Ding, Åse Huus, Nikolina Dahl, Merja Salo, Steve Diskin, Yu-Chun Liu, Elisa Bertolotti, Pernilla Frid, Davide Fassi, Audrius Klimas, Annabel Pretty, Tobias Svensén and Mikaela Bjarre.

Cumulus Kalmar 2013

Images from the workshop

Cumulus Working Papers