Instrument is the second triennial exhibition at the Kulturmöllan in Lövestad, South Sweden.

The Mill is an Instrument

We’d like to invite you to Instrument, a month long exhibition this July in a large timber structure in the South of Sweden.

The Mill is the charismatic actor that overshadows all that plays inside. A large timber-framed warehouse, in the 1930′s it became an electric seed mill that was still operating in 2000. Its vast halls and remaining silos occasionally spill grain and rat droppings onto the floor, still shedding its former glory.

The building was a gigantic instrument, thick with dust from decades of grinding seeds, gravity-fed, its location an artery to the surrounding countryside.

We invite you to observe the new artist created instruments that respond to this setting, whether as agency, as a dupe, as implement, as a recording, measuring or controlling device, as a music machine or even a legal tool!

Mitt bidrag bestod i ett koreografiskt verk med tre skrivmaskiner programmerade att uppföra ett balettstycke och samidigt dansa bakom gardiner.

Maskinismer: Robert Ek

Koncept: Marek Walczak

Programmör och koreograf: Rory Solomon