ewy 1.0

“Exchange what you want with what you want” (EWY 1.0).

EWY 1.0 is a fileshare creating a kind of single meeting between people within the means of exchanging files. It´s an odd fileshare that displaces the norms of filesharing and uses the file to establish single meetings between people. EWY plays with the conception of unique as when you upload a file it will consequently replace the file of your choice. Only one person can have access to a file on EWY and in this way EWY offers the oppurtunity to anonymously share something personal and intimate with an unknown somewhere in the infinite cyberocean.

Love is to share:::cockpit – kind art

Production and development: cockpit – snäll konst, Kristina Lindström & Robert Ek
Programmer: David Cuartielles
Thanks to labbs for generously hosting EWY