New American Dictionary

bekant lade i januari högsta bud (7.16$) på ebay för rätten att definiera “Axis of Evil” för “The New American Dictionary – Interactive Security/Fear Edition” utgiven av ” the Institute for Infinitely Small Things”. Tillsammans med författaren Niklas Qvarnström tog vi oss an uppgiften med största allvar och avundsvärd nit. Boken finns nu tillgänglig:

The New American Dictionary
A new book by the Institute for Infinitely Small Things
Are we more 􀀁ready􀀂? Or are we just more scared?
BOOK LAUNCH PARTY: Thursday, April 26th, 6:30PM – 8:30PM
At Art Interactive, 130 Bishop Allen Dr. Cambridge MA 02139
Cambridge, MA: April 6, 2007 – Have you noticed how new words have entered our
language since September 11th? Now we have a new vocabulary that includes:
• Freedom Fries
• Islamofascist
• Friendly Fire
• Smart Bomb
• Surge
• Regime Change
• And 62 more…
The New American Dictionary: Interactive
Fear/Security Edition is a new book by the Boston
performance group, the Institute for Infinitely Small
The dictionary, a paperback which retails for
$19.95 on and at the Harvard Book
Store, catalogs 67 fear and security terms that are
either new – i.e. preparedness – or recently
redefined – i.e. torture.
The New American Dictionary is a humorous, provocative book that calls for readers
to pay attention to the ways in which terminology of fear, security and war have
permeated American English post-9/11. Emphasizing the open, slippery way that